Frequently Asked Questions

(Updated 2/28/2019)

The 2019 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship winner will receive associated honors, recognition, the renowned Frank Ledbetter Championship Trophy and $12,500 cash as determined by total GCTC Series accumulated points. Total Points are determined by individual sanctioned Tournament Final Standings. Sanctioned individual tournament Optional Cash Awards positions do not apply, nor count toward Series (or GCTC Optional Jackpot) points.

Is there an additional entry fee required to participate in the GCTC Championship?
No. Payment of individual sanctioned tournament entry fees is all that is required.
Is there a fee to participate in the NEW GCTC Optional Jackpots?
Yes. You may pay entry fees to enter individual categories or go "Across the Board" in all categories.
How do I enter the GCTC Optional Jackpots?
Print and Complete the "Optional Jackpot Award" entry form located on the GCTC website and Fax/Mail/Email to:
Wheels Up Events / Gulf Coast Triple Crown
P.O. Box 27789, Panama City, FL 32411
Fax: 850-233-3880

If you would like to submit entries on site prior to the start of the OBBC, you may do so at The Wharf Marina all day Wednesday and Thursday morning of the OBBC.
Can I win the GCTC Championship and win a GCTC Optional Jackpot Category also?
Do I get Bonus Points for registering in all the sanctioned tournaments in the GCTC Series?
Yes, 150 Series Participation Bonus Points.
What if I'm registered for a sanctioned tournament, but unable to participate? Am I still eligible for the 250 Series Participation Bonus Points?
Yes, provided you remain registered.
Is there an advantage to entering the GCTC Optional Jackpots prior to the OBBC?
Yes. 150 Series Participation Bonus Points apply to entries made prior to Boat Departure. Anyone entering the GCTC Optional Jackpots after the boats depart for fishing in the OBBC will be ineligible for the 250 Series Participation Bonus Points.
Is registration in the BMGC required to win the GCTC Championship?
Can I win the GCTC Optional Jackpots without registering for the BMGC?
Define "Registration" in a sanctioned Tournament:
Completion of entry process and payment of entry fee deposit.
Are the GCTC Optional Jackpot Entries refundable?