Gulf Coast Triple Crown Update: Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic

Things got interesting in Biloxi this weekend at Bobby Carter's Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic.

Johnny Dorland proved once again you don't count an old dog out, especially one with years of successful tournament fishing experience. Doesn't matter if his boat of choice is a dependable older 60' Hatteras with a speed disadvantage. You would think Johnny would have traded up by now to one of the modern day speed machines so popular on today's tournament circuit. Nope, he's doing just fine racking up winnings and trophies, thank you, with his trusty old Cotton Patch.

Johnny's first place finish this weekend placed him squarely in the top ranks of the 2016 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series only 25 points behind the Captain Patrick on Breathe Easy.

Even more interesting is both the second and third place teams in weighed Blue Marlin this weekend are ineligible to win the Championship as neither team is registered to participate in the final leg of the championship at the Wharf. Competing in the Blue Marlin Grand Championship is a requirement to win the Championship.

A new name is back in the Triple Crown race this week with a big win in the Catch and Release category in Biloxi. Captain Devin Potts on Sea Mixer vaults in to the standings with 125 points. Congratulations, Devin.

We're off to Destin for round four of the Series where it's anyone's bet as to who will emerge at the top of the standings. Patrick's been on fire this season with Breathe Easy. Johnny's the returning champion from last year. So who's it going to be? Or will another wild card put together a combination of points to take over the lead?

It's been a wild ride so far. And it ain't over yet.

Even worse, there are images all over social media about the Triple Crown Trophy misbehaving at the Golden Nugget casino last weekend. I had to apologize to Bobby for her indiscretions. I sure hope she behaves herself at Sandestin...
Stay tuned. And keep your eyes open for the trophy having fun along the coast!

Cotton Patch weighs in at 633#

Cotton Patch just before catching the winning fish
Photo by David Rich aboard Hatterascal

Current Standings after the Mississippi Gulf Coast Classic (round 3)
The standings after round three:

Breathe Easy: 285
Share-E: 260
Click Through: 260*
Cotton Patch: 260
Wild Hooker: 185*
Insetta Boat Works: 185*
Mollie: 125
You Never Know: 125
Sea Mixer: 125
Reel Addiction: 100
Cut N Run: 100*
Dirt Pit: 75
Born2Run: 75

* not eligible to win the Championship.

American Marine Brokerage has joined the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship billfish tournament series as Presenting Sponsor, part of a three-year commitment. (Read More)

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