2019 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Rules

(updated 5/14/2019)

The 2019 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship winner will receive associated honors, recognition, the renowned Frank Ledbetter Championship Trophy and $12,500 cash as determined by total GCTC Series accumulated points. Total Points are determined by individual sanctioned Tournament Final Standings. Sanctioned individual tournament Optional Cash Awards positions do not apply, nor count toward Series (or GCTC Optional Jackpot) points.

GCTC Championship Points are accumulated from officially sanctioned participating Tournament standings in first through third place for weighed Blue Marlin categories and Catch & Release categories. Points will be awarded on the following basis:

Place Blue Marlin C/R
1 250 125
2 175 100
3 100 75
In the event of a Tournament Category with no official second and third place positions, points will be awarded towards The Triple Crown Championship from first place only. In the event no eligible fish in a Category are weighed, no points for that Category will be awarded to the Series. Points within a category do not rollover.

There is no requirement that boats must fish in all officially sanctioned tournaments in the Series. However, 250 Series Participation Bonus points will be awarded to boats registered in all sanctioned Tournaments. Competing in the Blue Marlin Grand Championship is a requirement in order to win the title of 2019 Gulf Coast Triple Crown Champion.

2019 GCTC Sanctioned Tournaments:

Orange Beach Billfish Classic ~ May 14-19, 2019 ~ Orange Beach, AL

Cajun Canyons Billfish Classic ~ May 28-June 2, 2019 ~ Venice, LA

Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classic ~ June 3-9, 2019 ~ Biloxi, MS

Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic ~ June 19-23, 2019 ~ Destin, FL

Blue Marlin Grand Championship ~ July 9-14, 2019 ~ Orange Beach, AL**

(** The BMGC utilizes a hybrid scoring system of combined weighed Blue Marlin and Catch& Release points to determine official tournament winners. Therefore, GCTC points will be awarded to the winners of the BMGC as follows: The First Place BMGC Tournament winner will be credited 250 points, Second Place 175 points Third Place 100 points and Forth Place 50 points.)

Available GCTC Exceptional Bonus Points:

250 Series Participation Bonus Points will be awarded for registering in all five sanctioned Tournaments in the GCTC series

Blue Marlin exceptional size bonus points will be awarded based upon lower jaw - fork tail measurement as recorded by each participating tournament for winning B/M:
  • Blue Marlin of 120" in length or greater, but not including 130": 15 bonus points (in addition to regular position scoring points).
  • Blue Marlin of 130" or greater: 20 bonus points (in addition to regular position scoring points).
  • 51 Points will be awarded for breaking an existing Blue Marlin Tournament record.

Tie Breaker Policy:

  1. Ties will be broken by the boat which weighed the heaviest eligible Blue Marlin in one of the Series tournaments.
  2. In the event none of the tied boats weighed an eligible Blue Marlin (Tournament awards only, no optional awards count), the tie will be broken by the boat with the greatest number of accumulated Catch & Release Gulf Coast Triple Crown Points. If still tied, the boat which reached the total amount of points first will be declared the winner.
  3. If tie remains irreconcilable after all the above, it will be resolved by a coin toss.

Contested Points/positions/winners:

In the event of a contested/protested award at a sanctioned participating Tournament involving official tournament cash awards, GCTC Series points will not be allocated to the boat(s) involved in the disputed position(s) of the particular tournament until the dispute is resolved. In the event the contested position/dispute is not resolved by conclusion of the GCTC Series at the BMGC, no GCTC Series Points will be awarded from the disputed position(s).

Cancelled Tournaments:

If cancelled, no points will be awarded from the cancelled event. However, the 250 Participation Series bonus points will be awarded to all boats which were registered (and paid in full) in the cancelled tournament. In the event The Blue Marlin Grand Championship is cancelled, the 2019 GCTC winner will determined from the official Championship standings at the conclusion of the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic.

Postponed Tournaments:

Postponed sanctioned tournaments may be re-scheduled due to weather. GCTC Championship points will be awarded provided a minimum of 30 boats register in the re-scheduled event. Should the re-scheduled event occur after the Blue Marlin Grand Championship, the GCTC Championship Finale will take place at the re-scheduled event.

Withdrawals (with entry fees refunded):

No bonus points will be awarded to boats withdrawing from a tournament.

Mechanical Breakdowns:

Hardship boat transfers will be subject to approval by the Triple Crown Tournament Committee (boat transfers authorized by participating Tournament Committees will be accepted by the Triple Crown). In the event of Boat Transfer, Points will be accrued towards original boat.

Championship Points:

Only officially weighed Blue Marlin points and officially scored Catch & Release video points resulting in 1st 2nd and 3rd place in participating tournaments will be counted towards GCTC Championship Points. Optional (Calcutta) Cash Award positions and Gamefish points for individual sanctioned tournaments do not count towards Trophy or GCTC Optional Jackpot points.

GCTC Optional Cash Award Jackpots:

In order to maximize points and chances of winning Jackpots, Teams are encouraged to enter the GCTC Optional Cash Award Jackpots prior to the OBBC to take full advantage of total available circuit and bonus points.

Teams may enter the GCTC Optional Jackpots up until The Cajun Canyon's Billfish Classic Tournament; however, GCTC championship points scored in the OBBC tournament will not count towards Jackpot scoring.

An entry in a Jackpot Category prior to the OBBC will carry an associated 250 Series Participation Bonus Points only in that particular category. Teams which "go across the board" will receive 250 bonus points in each category. For example: If a team enters the $1,000 category prior to the OBBC, but then decides to enter another category(s) after boats depart for fishing (official boat departure time for the tournament), the 250 Series Participation Bonus Points will apply to the $1,000 category only, but not the other categories entered after official boat departure or tournament conclusion.

Once a participating tournament has officially begun (teams departed for fishing), teams may not enter the GCTC Jackpots until the conclusion of the event and official results are posted.

Optional Cash Award Jackpot categories (90% payout):

  • $1,000 (50/30/20 split)
  • $2,500 (50/30/20 split)
  • $5,000 (50/30/20 split)
  • $10,000 winner take all category

New for 2019!

$25,000 winner take all category

Jackpot entry form is located on the website at www.GulfCoastTripleCrown.com. Entry may be made by completing entry form and payment by cash, check or credit card (processing fees apply).

GCTC Optional Jackpot Registration will be available on Wednesday and Thursday prior to boat departure for the OBBC.

Optional Cash Award Jackpot Teams are not required to fish the Blue Marlin Grand Championship in order to win or place in Optional Awards. In the event a team elects not to register in the BMGC, the 250 Series Participation Bonus Points will not apply.


The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Winning Team must register to compete in the BMGC in order to win the official title, championship trophy and tournament cash awards. ($12,500)

Updated Championship scoring and Jackpot leaders will be posted to the GCTC website (www.gulfcoasttriplecrown.com) within 24 hours after each sanctioned tournament posts final results.

Registration in a sanctioned tournament is defined as the full payment of tournament entry fees.

Entry in GCTC Optional Cash Award Jackpots is final - no refunds/rollovers of entry fees.

Jackpots will payback 90% (10% retained for operating/administrative expenses). Winners are responsible for payment of any applicable taxes and the division of cash awards among team members. One check will be written by the GCTC and distributed within one week of the conclusion of the Series.

Teams may change boats during the Series subject to prior approval of the GCTC Committee and provided the original crew and team owner participates.

The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Tournament Committee's decision is final in all matters pertaining to the Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Trophy.

Rules subject to change prior to the beginning of competition May 14th, 2019.

Series Ownership:

The Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship Series (GCTC) is owned, managed and promoted by Wheels Up Events, LLC.